About Us

Chaplain Michael Batenburg, Founder

I believe because I want, need, and choose to believe. In my heart, I know that God created everything and gave us His only son, Jesus, who died to save us from our sins. Knowing this and believing in Jesus Christ, I am a better man, living as a humble servant-follower. Being a servant to the Church, I am given the gift of making the lives of others a little better, which I am privileged to impact.

For the first 45 years of my life, I served myself, my wants, and all my desires. Although it seemed success had been achieved, it left me lost, empty, and soul searching for my purpose and true happiness. Since 2010, my focus shifted from serving myself to serving others. Humility set in and as I started making my faith journey a priority, to know God, I became an ambassador to His great commission. It has allowed me to live my life more freely, see the world more clearly, and has truly made a difference in my life. This has brought me to a place where I now know who I am in Christ and what I am here to do until I am honored to be called to serve Him in eternity.

What Is Outdoor Ministry All About

Outdoor ministry is about utilizing our natural gifts to inspire a transformation towards servant leadership. Did you know that more than half of all historical biblical teachings occurred in an outdoor setting? This stands in stark contrast to modern preaching and teaching, which predominantly takes place indoors, lacking the rich analogies found in nature. By immersing ourselves in the great outdoors, we gain a revitalizing new perspective that is only attainable when we silence the noise of the world around us.
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Our Partners

Back2Basics Adventures proudly partners with exceptional, world-class organizations. We cordially invite you to become a ministry partner today by reaching out to us using the form below. Your interest and support are sincerely appreciated.

Building Memories

Here are just a few clips of what to expect from an adventure in Eastern Tennessee.

Christian Small Group Guided Adventures

Back2Basics Adventures sets itself apart from short-term mission trips and typical church camps.

Different from mission trips or traditional church camps, Back2Basics Adventures offers custom designed experiences for each adventure group. Our small, intimate groups of 15 or less ensure a personalized and memorable journey. With locations in several states and countries, every adventure is guaranteed to be unique. Our programs are designed for adults first, catering to men’s and women’s groups, organizational teams, business colleagues and clients, as well as families. The carefully curated trip activities aim to foster leadership and service. Moreover, our outdoor adventures provide an opportunity for renewal, teaching, trials, and trust-building. Join us for an unforgettable experience in the great outdoors.
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The Back2Basics Recipe For Successful Small Group Adventures:


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Come and explore Back2Basics Adventures and witness the magic for yourself. Once you step foot on our property, we guarantee you’ll encounter something truly extraordinary. We’re so sure of it that we’ll cover the costs of your scouting stay by applying it towards your official trip with us!